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A Little About Myself

Nana Kemuri

The Creatures of American Science is my first official book, but I have been writing ever since I could remember. My mother has been my biggest cheerleader without question; she knew I’d be an author before it was even a thought in my mind. At a young age my dream was to be a music artist because I loved the adrenaline preforming brought me. Although sometimes life has different plans. Humorously enough, this book wasn’t planned beforehand in the slightest. It simply began as a way to pass time while on a plane to Virginia to visit my grandparents and siblings. The next thing I know it blossomed into this huge book with multiple books planned to follow it. The Creatures of American Science, from beginning to end took about four years to write, edit and copy write. I didn’t graduate high school and I had no idea what I was doing. However, I knew one thing better than anything else. The second Volume is almost done! It will be called “The Creatures of American Science VOL2: Clashing Tides.”