Author Nana Kemuri’s The Creatures of
American Science
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‘Author Nana Kemuri‘

I began writing at a young age but I didn’t initially have a full blown passion for it. For a while it was just something I did. Frankly, my mom knew I would be an author before it was even a thought in my mind. I grew up in a family of musicians and so that’s where my passion fell for a long time. I spent a majority of my life writing and recording music. However, back then I went by Lainy. I chose the author’s name of Nana Kemuri because I wanted to differentiate my music from my books. My brother couldn’t say my name when I was younger, so he called me Nana, and Kemuri means smoke in Japanese (I believe I’m not sure, I found it on google translate and thought it sounded cool). “The Creatures of American Science” is my first official book. This action-packed new science fiction book entails the journey teens undergo as each of their situations change. Watch as these three teens learn just how much they can help one another when knew forms of trauma come knocking.

By Author Nana Kemuri

The Creatures
American Science

The Creatures of American Science is an action-packed story where teens from around the world find themselves in an unfortunate situation. Each teen undergoes treatments until they bring upon strange and severe side effects. These said side effects may just change the course of their lives forever. However, may it be for the good or the bad? Find out in one of the best action fantasy books